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Cuban Summer - August Festival

The workshops

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The schedule

Every friday & sunday

Make sure to check the exact times in the program!

Below you will find information about the workshops and the teachers.

Stops & Breaks

By David & Laila - 2Day We Dance

How do you know when it's time to break free from the usual partner work and party your butt off? And how to you know it's time for some romantic closed position dancing? The music will answer these questions! In this class David & Laila will teach you how to make a story out of your dance, but also play with stops when the music wants your to.

Great dancers often don't use intricate figures, but use the 'easy ones' to create something fun, authentic and a good story. David & Laila will only use a few common, basic moves like setenta, sacala and enchufla in this workshop and show you how those can create an amazing dance experience when you add stops and breaks into it.

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Cuban Summer dana.png

Party Rueda

By Dana

Although Rueda always means a party, this class will make it even more so! During this workshop Dana will open his magic book of Rueda party figures and invites you along. Laughter, connection and learning is guaranteed.

Musicality - Partnerwork

Yorni Blen

We invite you to play with the music! What to do when in the middle of a setenta and a cool accent in the music invites you to play with it? How do you engage with the music when a cool break hits you?


Yorni will teach you both footwork as well as cool moves you can perform during the partner work section of a dance and when you dance solo.

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Lady & men stylingpng.png

Menstyling & Ladystyling

By David & Laila - 2Day We Dance

Lady styling by Laila and men styling by David. Move freely and use your feminine or masculine energy in your dance!

When the music asks us too, we are free to move however we want, as long as it's in tempo and we maintain the connection with our partner. But what steps can we use, and how do we invite our dance partner to join in? This workshop will answer that question, along with bringing you some extra confidence!

Move Meaning

Leonie van Andel, David & Laila

Leonie is a contemporary and hip hop dancer that specializes in body placement of trauma and emotions. She examines ways of dancing and can make you realise what emotions, trauma or fears you experience and have effect in your daily life - based on your dancing. Think of: - Physical problems - Loss, mourning, sadness - Mental Health problems - Burn out - Emotional Trauma - Anxiety, panic. The goal is to find where certain behavior (in dancing) is coming from so you can tackle it. Dancing is an amazing way of releasing, letting go, overcoming fear etc.  It will take some vulnerability and trust, but we will collaborate with her to apply this to salsa. For her its also the first time to apply this in partner dancing, so very exciting! More concrete: is it hard for you as a follower to let go of  control? Do you really dare to take the lead as a leader? Do you dare to be feminine and gracious as a follower - or are you holding back? The big why is connected to all of this.

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Cuban Summer Rumba Y&E.png

Rumba Guaguancó

Yohan & Elaine

Drawing from a fusion of African and Spanish influences, Rumba Guaguancó ignites the senses with its vibrant rhythms and mesmerizing movements. At the core of Rumba Guaguancó lies the soul-stirring music, a rhythmic tapestry woven with the beats of conga drums, claves, palitos, and cajones. The dance itself is a display of flirtatious interactions between male and female dancers. It's as though a playful courting ritual unfolds before your eyes, where the male dancer showcases his charm and masculinity through movement and rhythmic gestures. In response, the female dancer exudes grace and allure, skillfully evading the male's advances with tantalizing movements, creating an exquisite game of seduction. Whether performed at formal events or enjoyed in the intimate setting of informal gatherings, Rumba Guaguancó brings people together, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of rumba Guaguancó with Cuba experts Yohan & Elaine?

Styling in Partnerwork

David & Laila - 2Day We dance

All those choreos are super fun, BUT: How do we apply all of this when we are dancing with an actual partner? David & Laila will show you in this class.

Dare to be stylish and incorporate what you learned during our men styling and lady styling in this class. With some styling, you can turn 'simple' moves and figures into something that will make peoples' heads turn!

Styling in partnerwork.png
Cuban Summer Y&E son.png

Son Cubano Intro

Yohan & Elaine

Son Cubano is a captivating and rhythmic Cuban music style that embodies the essence of the island's vibrant musical heritage. Rooted in the fusion of African and Spanish influences, Son Cubano is a musical journey that will ignite your soul and move your feet.


At the heart of Son Cubano is its infectious, romantic and uplifting music. With a blend of instruments such as the guitar, tres (a Cuban stringed instrument), bongos, maracas, and trumpet, the rhythmic melodies create an irresistible sound that invites you to dance. Known for its smooth and flowing movements, the dance reflects the flirtatious and joyful spirit of the Cuban people. It's a celebration of life and love, where partners move harmoniously, perfectly complementing the enchanting, romantic tunes.

In this workshop Yohan & Elaine will teach you the rythm and entry-level moves to start your Son journey!

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