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Cuban Summer Festival 2024
100% Cuban teachers

Instructions - Download our app!

  1. Download the app in Google Play Store or Apple Store (button below) & create your account - only takes a minute.

  2. Purchase the pass of your liking: Full pass, Half Pass or Weekend pass (Find the options below)

  3. Go to 'activities' in the app and click on 'Cuban Summer Festival 2024'

  4. You will now see all the festival workshops

  5. Click on your chosen workshop and make claim your spot by using one of the credits of your chosen pass

  6. Repeat the process for the other workshops you'd like to attend

  7. Dance your butt off! Nos vemos!

Note: The same process can be followed in the web version, click on the passes - on the cart icon - below here or workshops in the agenda below.

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