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Cuban salsa
like everyone's watching

But you just don't give a..

At 2day We Dance it's all about the balance between connection, freedom and enjoying the Cuban music together. We teach you how to have so much fun dancing, that you may forget where you are or what time it is when you do so!

2Day We Dance invites your on a Cuban Salsa journey!

Discover freedom & loads of fun within dance!

Want to dance with a fun group on a weekly base and expand your salsa friendships? Or, want to have full attention in order to learn extra fast during private lessons? Do you you want to shine brighter than a diamond at, for example, your wedding?


At 2Day We Dance Cuban Salsa anything is possible: Proeflessen (Try-outs), Courses, Private Lessons, Workshops and more.

Our classes are either in Dutch or English, depending on the students.

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