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workshop cubaanse salsa bedrijf

Let us organise a workshop for you!

Salsa les scholen cubaans

At work-shop

What better team exercise than literally feeling what leading, trusting and partner work means? 2DayWeDance connects the dots between dancing and working with a special dance-at-workshop. In this workshop we show you that dancing with a partner is not so different from working with colleagues as you might think.. It will be so much fun, that you'll almost forget that you're learning something!

At school-shop
At this crucial age, it's important for teenagers to know what it means to move freely, but also knowing where the boundaries of that freedom are, when it comes to dancing, working, or just hanging out with a partner or friend. To what extent can you lead, and at what point do you have to trust? Or, to what extent can you trust your peers, and when is it time to take the lead and stop complying? Dancing will show you!

With Laila being a former high school teacher, she knows how to adapt her teaching to this age group.

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