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Our newest workshops focus on body flow, for men & women. Scroll down to see more info about these special workshops and to learn why the right body flow is essential.

Every summer we host guest teachers for a special program to dance throughout the whole summer. And of course, we will be sharing our specialties as well! The fun does not end here: A couple of times per year we fly in Cuban teachers to share their beautiful culture and dance with us and our students.

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Info and tickets below.

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Rumba Guaguanco

04-05 | 13:00 | Q-Factory Amsterdam

I invite you to work on your natural flow when dancing Rumba Guaguancó! During this workshop we focus on the Guaguancó vibe and basic coordination of all the different layers that make up this dance. Think of the bounce, hips, torso, arms and more! Rumba is not easy and can be improved through years, but it is definitely worth it if you want to incorporate playfulness in your timba and have more fun with it!🔥

Date: 04-05
Time: 13:00
Location: Q-Factory, Amsterdam East
Bring: a long skirt or scarf

Men-Flow: Rumba Guaguanco
12-05 | 13:00 | Q-Factory Amsterdam

What applies to the followers, applies to the leaders. So if you've read the description of the lady flow rumba  above, you know why we also organise men version!


Lady-Flow by Laila!
18-05 | 13:00 | Q-Factory Amsterdam

This won’t be a regular ‘fun’ lady styling class. We won’t be doing sparkly choreos.. (wait, what!?). Instead, we focus on the first step: ‘simply’ moving in a flow with the right coordination that’ll become a new, natural way of moving - visible in all the dancing you will do in the future.

In most western places we learn styling in the wrong order. We have to learn how to réally move our bodies and feel comfortable in them, before we learn lots of steps and styling with arms etc. In Cuba they learn how to move like this from young age, so they only have to learn the steps when they start with salsa. For us, its important to not skip this essential first part.

In this class we focus on moving:

- The torso

- The chest

- The shoulders

- The hips

Men-Flow by David!

What applies to the followers, applies to the leaders. So if you've read the description of the lady flow above, you know why we also organise men flow!


The focus of this class will be on moving:

- The torso

- The chest

- The shoulders

musicality by nick afb.png

Salsa & Timba Musicality
By Nick
22-05 |  21:00 | Beatzone

We invited musicality master Nick (Nueva Risa) to our casa! Nicks enthusiasm and visible passion will be taking you on a journey through salsa history, instruments, rythms, song structure & more! This is a class you can simply not miss if you want to become a better dancer, as musicality might be the most important ingredient that will make a dance a special experience for both dancers!

We are VERY much looking forward to this one.

Flow in partnerwork

The focus will be on naturally moving our bodies when dancing with a partner, while ‘travelling’ & slowing down instead of stopping on the 4 & 8 count.

We will be starting from scratch, focusing on the torso, shoulders and hip movements in closed position basic moves, guapea, dile que and building from there also incorporaing the arms - adding styling when we’ve got the above down.

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